Dogs’ Introduction

I would love to introduce the dogs in my household. They are a huge part of our lives and bring us joy everyday with their cute and quirky behaviors! You may have seen photos of them throughout the website!

I’ve loved dogs since I was a child and remember begging my parents for one. I would look up tons of dog books and how to care for them. I remember the Golden Retriever being a favorite but was turned down by my parents as they thought it was too big. I was thrilled when we finally moved to a house that allowed small dogs. I eagerly looked through photos and photos of different breeds in large book with my family before purchasing my first dog the next day. I’ve had a total of 5 dogs since then and they’ve always been a part of my family.

Chai wasn’t as lucky and didn’t grow up with dogs. In fact, he was very fearful of dogs from a young age. He was terrified of even small dogs when we first met. Chai was even scared of Teddy! However, he overcame his fear of dogs while we were dating and now loves random dogs more than I do. Teddy is his first dog ever owned and Chai has a special bond with Sophie.

Teddy enjoying the backyard.

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear is a Pomeranian and is turning 13 next month! She has a beautiful Autumn color coat which is very fitting since her birthday is in October. Teddy’s name also fits her well as she will calmly sleep in my arms just like a stuffed bear! She has been inseparable from my side since I’ve had her and has become very clingy lately. She usually starts barking nearly every time I leave the room without her. Teddy is so affectionate and loving! She is considered a princess by many others and is well mannered. I consider her as one of my best friends and family member.

Teddy has one of the cutest faces!


pool 055.JPG
Teddy enjoying the pool.

This dog loves to sunbathe!

She will take advantage of any sunlight to take a nap!

I call this her “bugging out” face. She will usually “bug out” and start tilting her head backwards slowly when there’s food that she’s interested in. It’s like she’s trying to hypnotize us to give her food. This face never fails to make us laugh!

lalala 012
Teddy wearing her summer yukata!
Sophie is a Coton de Tulear which is a somewhat rare breed in the United States. She was my first dog that wasn’t a Pomeranian. I originally purchased her because of her hypoallergenic coat and lack of shedding. Sophie’s fur really does feel like cotton which is fitting to her breed! Pomeranians tend to shed heavily at least twice a year and it can get gross. Sophie’s fur can grow quite long so we shave her ourselves from time to time. She is the biggest troublemaker in our family and has her loyalty to my mother. Coton de Tulears are very smart and can learn a lot of different tricks. Sophie loves to walk on her hindlegs for us and surprised us by singing (howling) along to my mother’s harmonica playing. Sophie doesn’t bark without reason which makes her a good watchdog. Coton de Tulears also have sturdy legs and can run fast. Sophie loves to run in circles in our big backyard at top speed.

2_28_16 016Sophie as a puppy

2_12 029Here comes the troublemaker! She will sleep in any position possible.

Sophie loves attention! She has a summer cut in this photo.

IMG_3643Sophie with her fur growing a bit longer.

The dogs have been to Germany and Italy with us. They really loved Europe! They loved the European food (just like their owners!) and running around in parks. I loved how pet-friendly Germany was as the dogs were allowed on public transportation without any fees and in the malls.

Europe 2016 401The pups in our home in Germany.

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