SuJeongGwa (Korean Cinnamon Punch)

SuJeongGwa is a refreshing Korean cinnamon punch that can be served either hot or cold which means you can drink it both during the cold and hot seasons! My mother taught me this recipe and made it for me for its health benefits. Some of the benefits of SuJeongGwa includes helping digestion and making you feel better when you have a cold. I definitely feel more relaxed after enjoying a cup of SuJeongGwa~ We don’t like to add too much sugar because the sweetness of persimmons is enough but you can add more sugar if you’d like! The persimmon-walnut flowers are really cute and can be enjoyed by themselves as a snack if you made extra!

IMG_1731 (2)You can see how the dried persimmon is formed with the walnut in the center.

IMG_1729 (2)


Yield: about 7 servings
Time:  35 min


  • 7 cups of water
  • 5 cinnamon sticks, rinsed
  • 2 dried persimmons
  • walnuts
  • Brown sugar to taste (optional)
  • Pine nuts (optional)



  • Boil water and cinnamon sticks until the liquid turns into a deep red or about 20 minutes. Lower the heat to low for another 15 minutes.
  • Put brown sugar in pot if using.
  • Meanwhile, cut the top of the dried persimmons and dispose.
  • Cut each persimmon horizontally into thirds. Open the persimmon and insert a line of walnuts across the inside of the persimmon and close firmly. Cut the persimmons vertically to create a flower shape with the walnuts inside.
  • Place a persimmon flower piece inside the cup and then pour the punch right before serving. You can also decorate with 1-2 pine nuts on top.

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