I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Celine.
I’ve lived in Seoul, Tokyo, Munich, and USA and was blessed that I was able to travel so much during my life.  I’m married to my wonderful and supportive German husband and live with our two pups Teddy and Sophie.

I started Celine Blossom in September, 2018 to chronicle my recipes, travel, and lifestyle.

I absolutely love food and always think about my next meals especially when I’m travelling! I’ve had the best mouthwatering pasta in Milan, enjoyed fresh baguettes every morning I was in Paris, ate the fluffiest mozzarella cheese and delicious salami in Madrid, indulged in wurst (sausage) that makes a crispy snap noise when you take a bite in Munich, tried the best smoked salmon and brunost (brown cheese) in Norway and much much more!

I’ve also loved bread and baked goods for as long as I could remember. I’ve enjoyed baking since I was a child and expanded to cooking healthy meals. My mother has lived and studied in Italy for ten years so I was blessed to eat her delicious Italian cooking throughout my life! I am truly blessed to have been exposed to so many delicious cuisines! Cooking and enjoying meals together with loved ones is an important life principle that I believe contributes to a healthy and loving lifestyle.

Good health is a priority for me. What we put in our bodies is an important key in maintaining our health. I love eating fresh and natural food and it’s especially wonderful to indulge in meals that is prepared with a lot of love, care, and thought. I want to share the same quality and experiences with the people who visit Celine Blossom. All opinions are from my own personal thoughts. I would never support a product that I do not believe in.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!
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